Silvio De Ponte, architect and lighting designer, founder of De Ponte Studio Architecs | DPSA+D SRL.

Degree in Architecture in Florence, where sign as Researcher at the Department of Technology of the Architecture.

After graduating in architecture, he worked several years as a set designer in the theatrical world, collaborating with several international companies and numerous directors, among which includes Giorgio Strehler and Bob Wilson. During this 5 years life experience, he has acquired knowledge and skillful use of light which, in the present work as an architect and designer, moved into his architectural projects and interiors.

In 1987 it attends the Domus Academy of Milan where takes a Master in Urban Set designing with Andrea Branzi.

From 1990 until 1994 works with Pierluigi Cerri at Gregotti Associated of Milan, where he is responsible for the project area of interiors and design.

His methodology is set up by an interdisciplinary orientation and of contamination of the families and of the languages. An approach based on the connection and on the exchange between professional activity, work of research and of experimentation that is made clear by means of the teaching close to the most prestigious Italian Universities and International Schools, through conferences, lectures and workshop close to international universities, cultural realities of excellence and companies of high prestige.

In the professional activity, of participation in exhibitions and in cultural events, particular attention is put in search of renewable and active fountains of energy passive, in the echo – compatibility from the materials and in the evolution of the architectural space by means of new shapes of supportability for the man obtained with the study of the qualities soft of the architecture (material – not material).

Silvio De Ponte plays research in the relationship between man and space in reference to his sensorial perceptions: tactile surfaces, olfactory pathways, sound spaces and light modulation are all primary tools of De Ponte Studio’s creativity.

Research and planning and methodological study on the materials, on the relationship between Light and Matter and the language of Light and Color, further gains in a vital importance, in order to defining new scenery of the lived space, at the interior design up to the industrial product.

Many of Silvio De Ponte achievements are published on important and prestigious international and national magazines of Architecture and Interiors.

Silvio De Ponte has received many interviews on TV in the matter of his international work and design philosophy. He has also took part in live broadcasts on National Televisions and on satellite showing its work and discussing the future of design.

According to a concept of Global Design, he plans Public Works, Theatres, Hotel, Businesses, Exhibition Preparations, Villas and Penthouse and product design.

He also designed the illumination for architectures and urban, internal spaces and Products of Design for important Italian and foreign companies.

Beside the publication of numerous projects on reviews and Italian and international books he unwinds editorial activity for some Italian reviews of architecture and design.


From 2012 to 2015 is Professor at European Institute of Milan (IED)

From 1997 to 2013 he is Visiting Professor at the Polytechnic of Milan, for the European Institute of Design of Milan (IED), for the Naba – New Academy of the Fine arts of Milan and for Domus Academy of Milan..

From 2000 to 2011 He is a Teacher at Domus Academy where he treats of different Masters and Lessons on the themes of Luce and on the report between Matter, Surfaces and Space.

From 2001 to 2011 He is a regular Teacher with contract for the Course of Degree in Industrial Drawing, Address of Degree 2nd and 3rd year, University La Sapienza of Rome.

From 2002 to 2004 He is a Teacher and general Co-ordinator of the Course of Light Design – Light and Colour for the Degree course in Industrial Drawing of the Polytechnic of Milan, comparatively to the address of Design of Luce and Illuminating engineering.

He also holds lessons and workshop at prestigious university institutions and important companies in Italy and abroad (Philips Eindhoven, the Centre of the Culture of Mumbai, the University of Architecture of Sofia and Pecha Kucha, Sofia, Lighting Academy Targetti, 3M Italy, Osram and others).


2013-2015 Silvio De Ponte is in the Editorial Board of the Luce&Design Magazine

2011-2013 holds conferences at the exhibition event “Good Design Hotel”: “Going Green: green ideas to renew the Hotel between Design, Supportability and energy saving” / “The Houses of the Contemporary Art: like Art and Hospitality they interact and represent new timeliness for the Hotel” _ Rimini Fairs.

He still writes articles, on the Industrial Drawing and on the importance of Light for the perception of the space and of his environmental qualities, about reviews which: Modo, Interni, Casa Vogue, Casa Viva, Abitare.

His book is in drafting phase “Coverings | When the Light meets the Matter” that it will be presented in 2013.

2001 it writes the book “The Architectures of the Light – Brightly and sublimely nightly in the project disciplines and of aesthetic production”, Gangemi Editore, Rome, which it is presented to the Palace of the Triennial one of Milan and to the seat of Giulia Valle to the University La Sapienza of Rome, Faculty of Architecture.


2014-2015 Workshop at Italamp Industries: “The lighting Design: the modern rules of the lighting project in the interior design _ From the Space to the Products”.

2007 – 2014 Visiting Professor at Domus Academy and NABA where hold arguments about the relationship between Light and Matter.

2010 – 2013 he participates as speech at several conferences at the International Conference at Sofia (Bulgaria) about “Light and Color in the Architectural projects”.

2010 Lecture at BalRec_Balkan Real Estate Conference, Market of Real Values, Kempinski Zografski, Sofia, Bulgaria.

From 1998 to 2010 He is Art Director for important companies in the sector of the technical and decorative illumination for the outsides and interiors.

2008 He is a curator of a cycle of conferences organised by the National Association Producers of Illumination (ASSIL) with the defence of the Order of the Architects and Engineers, in collaboration with AIDI and Institute for Quality Mark, of the headline I Pavilions of Light (Napoli, Bari, Firenze, Trieste, Catania).

2006 he is the curator of the workshop Vision of the Future, held in Philips Design Center in Eindhoven along with other designers and consultants from Philips.

2004 He is one of the authors and organizers of the international conference, with the defence of the order of the Architects and of the Engineers, The Light like Architecture of the Life, Napoli.

From 2009 to 2013 in Italy and abroad regarding the interior design and the relationship between color, light and matter.


2014-2015 Lectures in English language to Italamp Industries about “Light, Art and Matter”.


Lecture at “Ieri, Oggi, Domani” at Garzanti Palace at Spiga’s street at Milan for Fashion Week, Milan.

Press presentation of the new interactive table TTTOUCH, Viterbo, Italy.

Press presentation of Spiga Smart Street, Baglioni Hotel Milano, Italy.


Lecture to “La Casa Sensoriale Domotica”, Biennale di Venezia.

Lecture to “Il Senso della Materia | Progettare con la Luce”, Palazzo Grassi_Bologna.

Lecture to “Alimentazione, Architettura, Materia | Il nuovo patto per il Domani”, Palazzo Grassi_Bologna.


New garden for the City Life”.

Lecture “Il Progetto del Paesaggio nel Turismo”, Sun _ Rimini fair

Nest_Nido” Evento per il Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano, SuperstudioPiù | La Perla Space, interview to International megazines and newspaper.


Lo Spazio della Percezione” _ DWI – Design Week Istanbul, Turkey.

Lecture “Human Cities and Sustainability”, Istanbul, Turkey.

Epex partecipation, “The Excellence of the made in Italy”, London, UK.

SensoReal”, cultural exposition for the “Fuori Salone del Mobile di Milano”, to showroom La Perla_SuperstudioPiù_Tortona District, Milan.

Interview to RaiUno National television at “Uno Mattina” and on Sky, regarding the relation between Fashion and Design.

Partecipation at Le Ricette dei Designer2 | Edizione Compositori, Bologna.

Lecture “The news Shape of Sustainability” to Pecha Kucha, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Interview on Interni Megazine regarding the argument “The new way to Live”.

Curator of the exhibition “Milano a Colori”.

Lecture “What Design to the Future?”, Domus Academy_Milano.


Lecture “Verso una nuova Visione dell’Architettura | Market of Real Values” al BalRec_ Balkan Real Estate Conference, Kempinski Zografski, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Sign of the Designer”, Triennale Design Museum, Milano.

Sensory Room” al Good Design Hotel, Sia Guest Rimini.

Lectures at the exhibition “The Good Design Hotel”: “Going Green: idee verdi per rinnovare l’Hotel tra Design, Sostenibilità e risparmio energetico” / “Le Case dell’Arte Contemporanea: come Arte e Ospitalità interagiscono e rappresentano nuove opportunità per l’Hotel” _ Rimini Fair.

Skin. Emotional Surface, a Touch of Extended Light”, showroom La Perla_SuperstudioPiù_ Tortona District, Milano.

Professor at Domus Academy, with the Master in Design “The Architecture between Skin, Light and Matter”.

Professor at NABA_ The New Academy of Fine Arts, with the “New Retail Identity” workshop for American students.


Professor at Domus Academy with the Master in Design “The Big Light”, Milano.

Lecture alla Conferenza “Arte e Città”, Sofia e Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Lecture to the international meeting of Architecture & Design “The New Good Design: Matter and Sustainability” , Moscow, Russia.

Workshop “Design e Sostenibilità” at Industrial Design University at La Sapienza of Rome.


Professor to at Industrial Design University at La Sapienza of Rome.

Lecture e Conferenze at Domus Academy of Milan “The New Design Restaurant”.


Professor to at Architecture and Interior Design University at La Sapienza of Rome.

Professor for the workshop “The space of selling”, at Florence Architecture University.


Professor at the Master of Lighting Design to Domus Academy of Milan.

Lecture “Light and Architecture”, Le Stelline, Milan;


Visiting Professor and lecture to Politecnico of Milan regarding the Lighting Design.

Visiting Professor at Domus Academy of Milan.

Art Director for Cariboni Group.

Visiting Professor to Lighting Academy Targetti to Florence.


Professor to at Architecture and Interior Design University at La Sapienza of Rome.

Work Shop at the Master in Trasportation Design to Politecnico of Milan.

Visiting professor at Domus Academy of Milan.


Visiting Professor to Politecnico of Milan for the course in Lighting Design

Work shop for the Packaging Design at Domus Academy of Milan.


Workshop at Philips Design Center, Eindhoven, Holland.

Professor to at Interior Design University to Federico II to Naples.


Curator of “Cento forme della luce: Italia, 1945-2000”, Palazzo della Triennale di Milano.

Organizer at International conference “The Light as architecture of Life”, Naples.


Wrote the book “Architetture di Luce – Luminoso e sublime notturno nelle discipline progettuali e di produzione estetica”.

Coordinator and general Curator of the Lighting Design and Color Design at the Politecnico of Milan.

Professor to IED_European Istitute of Design at Milan.


Series of lectures for Lighting Design National Association (Assil) to Naples, Bari, Florence, Trieste and Catania.

Supervisor at the Building Management course. Faculty of Architecture of Milan.

Professor for the Interior Design Faculty – Architectural Component Morphology Morfologia dei Componenti dell’Architettura, University La Sapienza, Rome.

Cultural Events


  • Involucri | Emotional surfaces between Light, Touch and Matter, Fuori Salone Event _ Milano Design Week, Ventura XV, Milan.


  • Show at via della Spiga “Ieri, Oggi, Domani”, for Fashion Week, via della Spiga a Milano.


  • La Casa Sensoriale Domotica, Biennale di Venezia.

  • Fragments | Between Surfaces, Light and Materials, Temporary Museum of New Design_SuperstudioPiù, Salone del Mobile, Milano.

  • Lost in Traslation, Domus Academy, Salone del Mobile, Milano e Istanbul Design Week, Istanbul, Turchia.


  • Event “New garden for the City Life”, Sun _ Fiera di Rimini.

  • Nest_Nido” Event for Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano, SuperstudioPiù | Spazio La Perla, interviews and different accounts of daily papers, international magazines

  • ION e l’Orto Verticale, presentations of the car 100% electric by Peugeot, Milano.

  • OleaSpa | Concept Design for a modern Spa, Rimini.

  • Light Tree, Casa dell’Energia, Milano.

  • The Sustainable House | cultural exposition project for Fuori Salone del Mobile in Milano, at Superstudio13.


  • Light Around, National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci, Led International Festival of Light, Milano.

  • Epex, “The Excellence of the made in Italy”, Londra, UK.

  • SensoReal”, cultural exposition project for Fuori Salone del Mobile in Milano, in showroom La Perla_SuperstudioPiù_zona Tortona, Milano.

  • Elastic Dreams | La Perla_Lycra, Fotoraphical Exhibition at La Rinascente, Milano.

  • Collaboration at the book Le Ricette dei Designer2 | Ed. Compositori, Bologna.

  • Curator of the exhibition “Milano a Colori”, artistic event organised by Centro Culturale CLM, Milano.

  • The Essential Room_Pop Art Resort (reflection between Artificial and Natural), Sia Guest Rimini.


  • Il Segno dei Designer”, Triennale Design Museum, Milano.

  • Sensory Room” at Good Design Hotel, Sia Guest Rimini.

  • Collaboration at the book Le Ricette dei Designer | Edizione Compositori, Bologna.

  • Skin. Emotional Surface, a Touch of Extended Light”, cultural exposition project for Fuori Salone del Mobile di Milano, in the showroom La Perla_SuperstudioPiù_zona Tortona, Milano.

  • From Nest to Shell, event at Sun | International Salone from outside, with a complitely green illuminating product, Rimini.


  • Il mondo tra Auto e Moda (The world between Cars and Fashion), promoted by Audi, at the occasion of Fashion Week, Fiera di Milano.

  • Master Bed Room | for Vetrina Italiana, promoted by Indo Italian Chamber of Mumbai, Mumbai, India.


  • Bathness, Il Bagno tra Sensi e Sensualità, Host_Fiera di Milano.


  • In Between_the Luxury collection between minimalism and maximalism, event Fuori Salone at Salone del Mobile di Milano _ spazio P4, Milano.

  • First International Prize “Bea”, Best Event Award, as best architectural project of European Communication.


  • The New Italian Dream, Real Building, Tokyo.


  • Package _ Promoted by Conai and Polidesign (Politecnico of Milano), City of Science, Bagnoli, Napoli.


  • Light e-motion _ Domus Academy, Euroluce Salone del Mobile, Milano.


  • Cento forme della luce: Italia, 1945-200”,(100 forms of the light) Palazzo della Triennale di Milano.


  • Lucio Fontana, La Triennale, La Luce, Centenario di Lucio Fontana, (The light, 100th anniversary of Lucio Fontana) Palazzo della Triennale, Milano.

  • Habitat e Identità, (Habitat and Identity) Arezzo, Centro Affari.

  • Il Dolce Stil Novo della Casa, for Pitti Immagine, in collaboration with Andrea Branzi, Firenze, Palazzo Strozzi.


  • Architettura e Natura, (Architecture and Nature) Mole Antonelliana, Torino.


  • Oltre il Villaggio Globale,(Beyond Globale Village) Palazzo della Triennale, Milano.


  • Mobili Italiani | Le varie età dei Linguaggi, 1961_1991, (Italian furniture / The thruth about language) promoted by Cosmit, in collaboration with Pierluigi Cerri, Milano, Palazzo della Triennale.


  • Il Giardino delle Cose | La Vita tra Cose e Natura,(The Garden of things / Life between Things and Nature) XVIII^ International Exposition The Project and the ambiental Challenge, in collaboration with Polidesign, Palazzo della Triennale, Milano.