October 2014

Arch. Silvio De Ponte
The sense of light – From the space to the product

Today a lighting designer has to approach lighting project from a global perspective.
He always has to consider the relationship between the lighting product and the architectural space where his project will be inserted.
Very often a lighting designer is called to design lighting products, but at the same time he is called to design the light within the architectural space, as well. This is an ambivalent job (see Ingo Maurer and other).
Today the lighting designer is that person with “long antennas” that have to implement, to understand, in advance, changing times.
Nowadays it’s difficult to understand a Lighting Design product, if we do not consider it within the wider context of the culture of the total process and of architectural space changes.
For this reason, I would like to begin my presentation talking about how the light can modify the space and, after thi,s we deepen the lighting product design method considering the relationship between SHAPE, FUNCTION, MATTER and TECHNOLOGY.